Book Cover Design

We know how important your book is to you; each story is different and communication is key. That’s why we create one-of-a-kind book cover in uniqueness to complement the story inside, while considering your carefully planned budget. Initial consultation is FREE.

A custom-made book cover design that fits your budget;

  • Starting a project with us is very easy. All you have to do is send us a few lines about your book, give an estimation of your budget and let us know the type of book cover you want to have designed (paperback, hardcover, e-book or both print and e-book);
  • Generally, the two initial cover drafts are created within 10 working days. If more time is needed on our part to develop the initial designs, we will let you know immediately;
  • A display of promotional materials comes with each project, included in the set price. A 3D render of your paperback or hardcover can also be part of the project. Each 3D cover is professionally rendered with 3D software and takes around 5 hours to be completed. This way, the renders produced are of the highest quality in the industry;
  • We use standard license stock images (which are included in the price) or you can provide your own;
  • We’ll provide you with print-ready file or high-res JPEG ready for upload, along with a rendered 3D version for marketing, if required.

Urgent design? We can you help. Mention your deadline when you first contact us and we’ll discuss the details asap. Depending on how tight the deadline is, an additional fee may be added.