Book Trailer

Direct your reader to your website, author signing, with a trailer video of your book;

Using images, music, text, video, and voice-over, we create a minute-long book trailer that gives away just enough about your book to leave viewers hungry for more. Like a good movie trailer can generate buzz about a new film months before it is released, a book trailer can serve as a great marketing tool in creating pre-release interest in your book. Creative brainstorming session either over the phone or via email to determine direction, feel, and general content of the book trailer, 1–2 minute long, rough cut of book trailer 1 round of revisions to book trailer rough cut, 1-2 minute finalized book trailer, Your book trailer uploaded to the Villagetalespub YouTube channel, your book’s website, and the social media sites of your choice,

NOTE: The cost of media needed to make the trailer (stock images, music, and video) is not included in the cost of service and must be paid for by the author. A media cost estimate will be provided to the author before we commence editing the final trailer.

Liberia Unscrabbled