About Us


Masterfully skilled and completely ready to help you get the service you need to accomplish your undertakings, OASS is your partner for success. No service is too small; whether it’s one personal letter composition or ongoing service, we help put systems in place for small business office or one-person home-office management, administrative tasks, Book Cover Design, desktop publishing, website design and/or maintenance, and so on.

We are located in the state of Minnesota, USA, but work with authors all over the world. We are delighted that we can offer services to clients from Africa as well, virtually at the same time!

We can arrange a consultation via phone or Skype, just let us know in the contact form that you wish to discuss your project this way. Please note that additional international call rates may apply.

Village Tales Publishing offers the best one-stop-shop service for getting your book from manuscript to print, and beyond. Your book can go from a Word document to selling in online stores and internationally.